Matterport 3D Technology

Matterport is a technology company, based out of Sunnyvale California, that uses its 3D software to stitch 360-degree photos together to create a new experience for digital marketing. Their proprietary camera and software captures 10 million points per second and then produces 3D-dollhouse renderings, floor plans, and an immersive tour that can be viewed normally or in virtual reality across any device.

Every 3DVermont Showcase is a completely immersive 3D representation of a space. The “dollhouse view” provides a total understanding of how a property fits together, while the “inside view” lets anyone navigate a 3D space.

According to Matterport’s CEO, Bill Brown, the company’s mission is “to give people the freedom to experience any place at any time… establishing 3D and VR models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing and re-imaging the world.”