About 3DVermont


3DVermont is a Vermont company supplying Matterport 3D visual tours to property and business owners. Matterport is cutting edge 3D technology that is changing the way consumers are interacting with spaces. This award-winning technology is supplementing traditional video and photography, and it is allowing people to be digitally immersed in a space – to walk-through and experience the home as if they were actually there.

3DVermont’s mission is simple – allow you to digitally showcase your property in the most engaging way possible, with the latest technology available. We work with homeowners, realtors, commercial spaces, landlords, vacation rentals, non-profits, and even yacht sales!

We have scanned over 800,000 square feet, and we look forward to working with you.

Mike Conroy
3DVermont CEO | 802-363-3356

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